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Early this year, I worked with Greenham Parish Council to launch Greenham in Bloom.  I really love gardening and was involved before with Newbury in Bloom, which was a really successful initiative.

Because of the virus situation, we weren’t able to go ahead as planned, so I worked with the Council office to set up a Community Facebook page instead.

So this summer I enjoyed going out on my bike and taking pictures around Greenham of local plants, landmarks, and people – in full bloom. It was fantastic being a Roving Reporter on a mission !

Over the summer we slowly built a base. In winter it is of course pretty quiet, but the Council now is trying to think of virus-proof ideas for next year. I’m really keen on an art and photography competition.

Here’s the latest article which I’ve just put out about it all:

A Facebook Page for Greenham in Bloom

‘Greenham Parish Council is calling for residents, businesses, and visitors to share pictures and video-clips of Greenham’s gardens and wildlife on their Facebook page, Greenham in Bloom  https:/   

And it’s set up a new, simplified way to upload photos. Following a trial run, contributors can now simply click and upload their sunny snaps and garden pin-ups, without any time-lag.

The Council is also inviting ideas for next year’s Greenham in Bloom, which will be considered by the full Greenham Parish Council. For instance, one idea is an art or photography competition for children and adults.

Greenham in Bloom was set up by Greenham Parish Council in February this year as a gardening competition for the local community. But because of the Covid-19 outbreak, plans had to be put on ice.

So, to keep Greenham in Bloom alive, the Council created the Community Facebook page, with fresh and varied photos of Greenham’s plants, natural world, landmarks, wildlife and even some gardeners.  Pictures include scenes from Greenham Common, Newbury College, and more.

What’s happening next year?

To upload your pictures, go to https:/   Or to find out more, contact the Clerk, Lisa Blake on

Here are some pictures from the glorious Facebook page, https:/

Philippa Harper

2nd December 2020


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