Shaw House Sculpture Exhibition worth a visit

The Altered States Open Air Sculpture Exhibition at Shaw House, Newbury, is showing 60 modern sculptures from professional artists around the country. Names include Alison Berman, Martin Eastabrook, Lucy Kinsella and Mark Swan.  A wide range of items includes carving, modelling and casting using wood, metal, stone and metal resin. All the works are for sale.

Shaw House has found an interesting and unique exhibition.  Modern sculpture can be hard to read, but this is largely a good quality crowd-pleaser;  accessible, quirky, and varied, with life-size figures of dogs, hares, and deer rubbing alongside a few more abstract items and a wide range of human figures and faces.

One popular piece that attracts a lot of attention from passers-by is the steel and glass sculpture ‘Bluebell’ by Jenny Pickford, with the coloured bluebell glass drops swinging gently in the wind and catching the early autumn sun.

Many of the pieces can be seen as a virtual exhibition on the Altered States website below:

Getting There

The exhibition is free, and is open to the public until 27th September 2020, 11.00am – 4.00pm every day, set in the spreading Orangery Lawns at Shaw House. There is plenty of free parking.

You don’t need to book tickets in advance, but our tip from our KR Roving Reporter is to avoid the 3.00-3.30 weekday slot, the school ‘rush-hour’, which makes access to the site a bit slower.

So take an hour to drop by this exhibition – it’s worth the time.


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